Kings of Stock 2019 with record attendance

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Our User Days Kings of Stock are always something very special for us. This year, however, we – or rather our customers – have added one more: a new visitor record! Around 120 guests came to the Dortmunder U Cultural Centre to discuss intelligent goods and material management with LOGOMATE, to exchange information on current news and trends and to gain exclusive insights into the future development of the entire group of companies.

Admittedly, this year was also under very special circumstances: not only did we celebrate our 25th birthday as REMIRA GmbH in 2019, but we also took an important step towards the future with the founding of the REMIRA Group.

Before Thomas Sindermann, CEO of the REMIRA Group, gave our guests an outlook on the coming year, Oliver Jenneskens, CEO of REMIRA GmbH, summarized the development history of LOGOMATE. Of course, exciting reference projects were again on the agenda. For example, one of Germany’s largest trading groups presented how LOGOMATE optimizes scheduling across locations. The office supplier Soennecken focused on what the perfect combination of LOGOMATE and the automatic storage and picking solution AutoStore looks like. Our keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Kollmann also met with great interest, who showed with a lot of wit the opportunities and obstacles of digitization in Germany.

We would like to thank all guests and speakers and look forward to our next User Day.