Hardeck furniture inventory management with LOGOMATE

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Reliable and transparent inventory management is essential in the furnishing industry. With Hardeck, a well-known figure in the furniture industry has now opted for intelligent forecasting and inventory management software. LOGOMATE optimizes all processes relating to inventory management and scheduling at the family-owned company from the Ruhr region – whether for brick-and-mortar retail or e-commerce. Furniture chains such as XXXLutz, Zurbrüggen, Poco and LIPO are also already relying on LOGOMATE from REMIRA.

With a total sales area of 160,000m2, Hardeck is one of the top ten large-area furniture stores in Germany. In addition to the four branches in Bochum, Bramsche, Hilden and Senden, the traditional family business maintains three logistics centers, including at its Wallenhorst site near Osnabrück. In addition, the furniture store is still on an expansion course. Since 2018, the stationary business with the webshop has been supplemented by another channel. In this way, Hardeck also reaches customers who do not come from the region.

As online retail is also becoming increasingly important in the furnishing industry, the company intends to further expand its market position in e-commerce. Hardeck relies on LogoMate from REMIRA to serve both stationary and online customers optimally. Through accurate forecasts and the consideration of relevant influencing factors, the smart tool for inventory management and optimization supports the furniture retailer in reducing inventory levels while at the same time taking out-of-stock situations across the entire supply chain. The special requirements at Hardeck include linking items and product groups to sales, inventory and goods receipt stores, as well as taking special on-stock requirements into account. This means that some items are stored in both the warehouse and the store. In addition, LOGOMATE provides reliable forecasts for future goods requirements. In this way, the furniture specialist ensures that all goods are available in the right place at the right time. “We want our customers to receive their selected furnishings reliably without long waiting times. With LOGOMATE, we are able to ensure a constant delivery capability. This ensures satisfied customers. In addition, LOGOMATE is well equipped for further growth in the company,” says Mohamed El Bouch, Head of Ordering at Hardeck.